Rich and Mel Spriggs


Joined Rechord 1/3/2014
Status: Rechord Artist
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I suppose you could say that worship is what drew us together. We’ve been playing and writing worship songs together since we met in 1997. We would find a quiet space and spend time singing worship songs and finding God. Starting out with songs we loved and then singing whatever was on our heart. I guess our song writing grew from there. The creative process can sometimes be a difficult one but being able to write together over the years has become something we really value. We have been supported throughout by friends and family, and Glasgow Vineyard church has given us the grace and encouragement to grow in this process.

“This is an amazing opportunity for us to create and make music with friends here in Glasgow. Rechord has a fresh approach to equipping the church for worship which we love.”


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What originally started out as an idea for a kids' song has grown into a song that our whole church family really loves to use in worship. This song was written by Rich and Mel Spriggs and Jonathan Dean.
Tags: Adoration