Joy Hunt


Joined Rechord 3/9/2014
Status: Rechord Artist
2 Tracks

Joy is an Occupational Therapist, and 2013 graduate of Southampton University. Having grown up in a small village in Surrey, she is now based in North London and attends Soul Survivor Church in Watford. Joy grew up with her parents leading worship at their church, being inspired by them and thanks them for passing on their deep passion for worship as a whole lifestyle.

Music has always been one of Joy’s biggest passions; listening to Classic FM from age 8 and beginning her song-writing and composing at the age of 14. It is only in the last couple years that Joy has begun to share and publish her songs. Joy has a heart for using music to glorify God and share His love with others.

Joy is also a tea fanatic and lover of all things crafty & creative.

“Rechord’s refreshing approach emphasizes the building of an open culture as a church community rather than holding onto our songs as individuals.”