Callum and Nicole

Joined Rechord 20/11/2015
Status: Rechord Artist
1 Track

“Wow (pause)….play that again” – That’s pretty much how it started for us, frantic penning of lyrics and humming melodies to scratch phone recordings. Put simply, we are two friends who are passionate about music and the story of the Gospel.

I guess we’ve always written music in corporate and individual contexts, however, only recently have the two of us come together with ideas that reflect not only our common interest sonically, but also our deep rooted passion for music in the Church.

The timing of our involvement with Rechord has been pretty perfect and only re-affirmed what has been firmly placed on our hearts.”

“The guys at Rechord caught our vision and provided the unwavering support all artists need. Their philosophy and willingness to serve in order that our music reaches others has blown us away.”