August Update

August 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since we have done an update and there has been lot going on, so I thought it was about time we filled you in with what’s been going on.

Our big project this year has been to record and release our first ever full-length album! We’re currently in the final stages of tracking at the moment before we move into mixing and mastering and so I just wanted to give you all a glimpse into what the process of recording looks like and what this project has involved.

There are many different ways to go about recording a track, but most commonly what we do is record each individual instrument separately and then layer them up on top each other, which creates song. We typically start with drums, then bass, guitars, keys and the record the vocals last.As you can imagine, there are a definitely challenges in recording an album like ours, particularly when it comes to coordinating multiple artists and bands with studio slots, over the course of a year…or longer! As we’ve been working on the project, we have changed up our system a little found and adapted a more “live session” style of recording, in which we set up a whole band in the studio at once and record the whole song in one take. There are a few benefits to this, one being that the recording process is often much quicker but, more importantly we have found that the energy and vibe that comes from playing all together, often comes across in the finished track, which is ideal! The difficulty however, is that in order to get a good take, every band member needs to play on time, in tune, and perfectly synchronised to the rest of the band. It’s the fine balance between capturing the energy and the vibe but hiding any little mistakes!

We’ve had a few familiar faces in the studio these last few weeks, which you will have seen if you keep up with us on social media. Callum Smith, Nicole Cameron, Tim Kwant and Rich and Mel Spriggs (all pictured below) have been keeping us busy, and next week we look forward to having Fiona Crow in the booth.

I (Andy) was in the studio recently and was able to watch and observe the artists at work without needing to concentrate on playing an instrument. To give you an idea of what the ‘live session, one band, one take’ recording process looks like, then here’s a wee video. It won’t sound how you might imagine it, mainly because everyone is using headphone monitoring:

Recording this way has been fun and I have personally really enjoyed being in the studio with the artists and bands and getting a feel for the whole track, rather than just snippets at a time. Things appear to be on track for an October release for the album and once we hit the mixing and mastering stage, then we’re going to get started on planning a launch party in Glasgow, which you are all invited to. Stay tuned for dates and details to come!

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