April | May Update

May 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s May and guess what… we’re still tracking our new album! This is a new experience for us as, up until now, we’ve been releasing songs as and when we record them; drip feeding them onto our website and our YouTube channel. This is the first time we’ve attempted a full-length album with a number of artists and so we’d like to tell you about some of the changes we are making here at Rechord as we change the way that we release our music.

Up until now, all of our music has been released for download on our website. We know this antiquated, but it has been a way to make sure our music remained available to everyone. For the first time this year we plan to release our music, in album form, onto a variety of services (including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play Music) so that you can buy and stream our album on mobile devices. For those of you that cannot afford to purchase our album (or a streaming subscription), it will still be available for free from our website, as that is a core value of Rechord Music! It is for this very reason that we have held off until now, in using these streaming platforms. The reason we’re changing is because we’re aware that some devices make it more difficult to download music without the use of a music delivery app (here’s looking at you Apple). Our value for readily available free music isn’t changing. But how we make it available to you is, and in more than enough time for our album launch, later this year.Another little something we’re working on is organising an album launch to celebrate the release of Rechord Music Vol 1 (which…let’s be honest, probably won’t be the title, but it’s better than “Now that’s what I call Rechord: Vol 1”… Am I right?). We’ll let you know all the details nearer the time but for now, early Autumn is looking like your best bet! Our hope is that the album launch will be a live event where you can come and enjoy the new tracks as we worship the Lord together. I (Andy) am personally really excited about this and we have some cool ideas floating around that might look a little different to your average music event. I mean…it is a Rechord event after all!

As well as recording new tracks, planning an album launch and organising our music release strategy, we thought we’d line up some new videos for you as well, the details of which are still very much ‘TBC’ but we do expect to have some pre-release videos of tracks from the upcoming album. Things to look forward to eh? One voice you will be hearing on the album is Mr Tim Kwant. He’s booked in to start recording next week which we’re pretty excited about. In case you missed this video on social media this week then here’s a wee refresher from his Rechord Live 24 set.

That’s all for now, we’ll update you on our progress in summer with more details of the album and it’s launch! Thanks for staying with us for the ride. Rechord out.

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