January Update

January 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

This is it. Just over one week to go until Live 24. Next Friday at 8pm, to be precise, we will be starting a 24 hour sponsored marathon of livestream worship music straight onto YouTube. Non-stop. For 24 whole hours…you get the idea. We launched the Live 24 event last year for the first time, with a crazy plan and a massive hope that we could tell more people about Rechord’s vision for worship recording, as well as also raising some funds to help us keep doing that very thing; recording brand new worship music from grass-roots worship songwriters, for free. You can check out some never before seen footage of the final set from last year, right here:



That’s right, we don’t charge anything for recording these tunes, and we don’t force anyone to buy them either! All the music we make is freely available to stream and download straight from our website and also on our YouTube channel. This is the vision that God has given us: to create fantastic worship recordings and not to charge anyone for it. It’s an insane business plan when you think about it and it really shouldn’t work, except that the Lord really seems to be in it and is providing everything that we need to keep going and even keep growing. Live 24 is an event that allows us to show you the music we are creating with nearly all of our artists involved and leading long (2hour) worship sets over the 24hr period.

There are a few ways you can get involved really easily. Firstly, we would just love it if on the 3rd and 4th of February, from 8pm onwards you tuned in and worshipped with us. Last year we loved seeing groups of you gather together in your homes and hosting a “living room style” worship session, with Live 24 streamed straight onto your TV. This is a really simple way to help us get the word out as well as be encouraged by how many of you tune in. Why not, during the event, take pictures of your gatherings and tag us in them? Finally, and also importantly, you can help us keep pressing into this journey, breaking new ground in the way we record and distribute worship music, by donating here and sponsoring us as we worship our King for a solid 24 hours.




I (Andy) can testify that last year I was up for about 40hours total, setting up, running the event, singing and leading 3 sets and then tearing down. It was mammoth and it was incredible. We set a target of £5000 and we raised over £6000 (including gift aid) which has enabled us to keep going and growing this year with new music, video recordings, recruiting new artists, employing new (desperately needed) staff, and getting ready for this next phase.

Please JOIN US again this year. Watch, worship and enjoy all the new songs you will hear, pray for us, and help us to reach our target of £5000 to help us resource this next year. There are some other exciting changes that will be happening at Rechord that we will be letting you know about in the coming months but for right now, lets enjoy a phenomenal 24 hours of worship, prayer and seeking the Lord together.

See you on Friday 3rd of February at 8pm on YouTube (link to follow next week).

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