November Update

November 18, 2016 in Charity, events, General

2016 has been a big year for Rechord Music.

We kicked off the year in January with Rechord Live 24 – a 24hr “sponsored” live stream of worship to raise publicity and funds for our ongoing efforts to forge a new way of recording and distributing worship music. I have to be honest with you, when we had the idea for Live 24 in the summer of 2015, we genuinely had no idea if it was going to work out! I feel like that is one of the hallmarks of how we do things at Rechord – we have a crazy idea (which few sane organisations would be willing to even attempt) and then we just go for it. We didn’t know if anyone would tune in to Live 24, yet in the end we had over 2000 viewers, many of whom were finding out about Rechord for the first time.

Following Rechord Live 24 – we started a push to release more acoustic videos to our YouTube channel. We have already worked with 3 of our artists this year in producing these videos and there are more in the works so watch this space!



This year, we have also brought 2 new artists into the fold. This month we introduced you to Adam Baker who recorded his first acoustic video titled ‘The Pursuit’, which you can check out here. The second artist we’ve got lined up for you is Stephen Mayes (pictured below), a Worship Pastor at Re:Hope Belfast and New Wine Ireland, so stay tuned to hear more from him.




You may have noticed that we have published less music to our website this year as we transition into a new once yearly album release schedule. Be assured that we’re working hard behind the scenes on new material which will be included on our first full-length album, scheduled for release at the end of Summer 2017. This is a shift in philosophy for us, and one that we’re looking forward to as it gives us the chance to meet more of you in person at our album launch and share a bit more of what we’re trying to achieve here at Rechord Music.

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