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September 30, 2016 in Charity, events, General



We have some exciting new developments at Rechord Music – and I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know in person what’s going on as we move into a new season of ministry.

When we started Rechord Music back in 2012, we had a vision for recording and distributing worship music in a new way, helping grassroots worship song-writers to craft their songs and then produce them free of charge to be distributed to the church worldwide on a pay-what-you-can donation basis. The vision has always been that we remove the prohibitive financial barriers from song-writers so that they could share their songs as a gift to the church.

Little did we know (although we did suspect!) that the music industry as a whole was on the verge of upheaval. Streaming services were about to take off and our whole culture surrounding how we buy and consume music was changing. With these changes came big knock on effects for the recording industry in general. Many recording studios have closed down and the session musician industry (musicians paid to play on recordings) has been decimated.

In the midst of these industry changes, Rechord has been slowly growing and gaining momentum. We’re so encouraged by the recognition of the quality of music being produced and we see this in the increased number of artists who want to work with us. At the same time however, the number of people that voluntarily donate for the songs they download have dwindled to just a few per track.

At the moment, the process of recording and producing music is becoming increasingly more costly, particularly as we try to honour the musicians that so generously give their skills and time to work with us. We are currently facing the situation whereby we are simultaneously striving to remain true to our vision and core values at a time while the music industry as a whole is suffering. The only reason that we are able to continue to grow and thrive is because of our incredibly faithful supporters that believe in our vision and donate monthly to our organisation as well as the success of events like Rechord Live 24 that we held this January.

In light of this, and in order to position ourselves to grow into the fullness of the vision that we believe the Lord has for us, we are streamlining and restructuring our yearly efforts to revolve around 2 main events:

Rechord Live 24 – Every winter (Jan/Feb) we will hold Rechord Live 24; a 24 hour sponsored worship marathon hosted by our artists, which will be live streamed to YouTube. Last January (2016) we held this event for the first time and it was phenomenally successful. Somewhere between 2500 and 3000 people tuned in, got to see what we are all about, worshipped with us, and (many of you) supported us financially with a one-off gift to help us reach our target of £5000 (the final total was over £6000). This event enabled us to connect with our community in a way that we have never experienced before and at the same time, helped to resource the songs and music videos that we have been releasing over the course of the year.

Rechord Album Launch – Every summer (August), we plan to release an album with 10+ brand new worship tracks! We will be holding a live album launch event around the same time, where we will have the chance to meet with you – our community, in person – to showcase the new music we’ve been working on as well as share about the vision behind Rechord Music and give away a physical (and digital) copy of our brand new album to anyone that signs up as a new monthly supporter. This album will also be made available for purchase on iTunes and other music outlets before becoming available to stream (Spotify) and download for free on our website at a later date.

In addition to the music that we release on our yearly album, we may also have special one-off songs that we release digitally only. We will also continue to make high-quality acoustic music videos that will be shared with you throughout the year as soon as they are ready.

We’ve been astounded at what the Lord has done with Rechord Music so far and we’re really excited about what the future holds. We couldn’t do this without the support and engagement of you, our wonderful community of friends, and we look forward to seeing you online at Rechord Live 24 and then in person at our first ever live album launch next summer.

Warm Regards

Andy Ashworth
Founder and Trustee
Rechord Music

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